Feb 28, 2007

[US Politics] An Inconvenient Smear Campaign

I've been weighing whether or not I should comment about the Al Gore utility bill issue that's been making the rounds about the blogosphere with a more than healthy amount of attention. Then again, how can I resist, right?

I think it's unfair people are complaining about the amount of electricity he consumes rather than looking at whether or not he has actually done things to reduce his carbon footprint. Here's a guy doing a really great thing, going around the world with a powerful message - perhaps the loudest warning about global warming we've ever heard that puts the scientific community to shame, given their often overly safe stance on the issue. All it takes is him winning and Oscar for his documentary, An Inconvenient Truth and people start politicizing his accomplishment. This is sour graping and back-biting at it's finest indeed.

So lay off the guy you sharks! We need to remember that the message is always more important than the man. Whether or not his electric bill is really high is not the point - what matters is what he is working for now and the realizations he has awakened around the world. Isn't that what is truly more important? It's not like he's running for president or something...

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