Feb 28, 2007

[Microsoft] Windows Yellow State

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It's just been announced that Microsoft has now created a new "yellow state" as part of it's Windows Genuin Advantage software authentication tool. Essentially this new state is for cases when they're just not sure whether or not your copy of Windows is authentic for any number of reasons and thus provides you with alternatives in terms of how to handle things.

I suppose this has been done in response to the relatively high numbers of false-positive flags when it comes to WGA trying to figure out if a user's copy of Windows is legitimate. Rather than sticking the to black or white test of the past, this new level is, well, a definite maybe for some users. Sorry, I couldn't resist saying that.

One one side, it's a good move by Microsoft, I suppose. It'll reduce the number of complaints that stem from users "falsely" tagged as software pirates while providing Microsoft a way to validate users authenticity while fine-tuning how WGA tests systems based on the traffic they'll see from users trying to resolve to get their system out of the yellow state. Then again, it's probably going to revive all the usual gripes about why do we continue to deal with the software giant at all, haha.

Take your pick, I suppose.

Now I'm wondering how many legitimate users are now going to get flagged as "possible" pirates...

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