Feb 21, 2007

[iPod] Using iPod Less iTunes - Cool!

I was never a fan of iTunes. I never am. I find it clunky, less intuitive. My brother has an old Shuffle, and Heaven knows how many times we are frustrated with iTunes. Limiting an iPod to one-computer-one-library is somewhat absurd.

I am more comfortable in folder management, and can sort and file music files by meself, thank you. That's why I was not enamored to iPod. I don't have one. I wanted one, but aside from the price, I don't like iTunes. I know, I know, user preference and stuff. That's why I don't like iTunes.

So this tutorial by LifeHacker is really a life-saver to those who gets frustrated by iTunes. I might get to try using that Shuffle again (trade my Sony Ericsson m600i for it? Nah! And that's another story).

Or maybe get a Creative Zen instead.

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