Feb 21, 2007

[Entertainment] Britney News Coverage

I tend to rely on my Google start page to funnel all my news feeds into one place so I can always check on what's going on in the world. It was weird how the recent news about Britney Spears made the front pages of major news services like Reuters, CNN and TIME Magazine. It was a strange sight - you have news about the on-going debate on the Iraq war, the bombings in India and, well, Britney going into rehab after shaving her head.

This is tops news for us now?

Flickr - jaoqooo: Britney Bald

Sure, it's a pretty shocking site to see and the story around how she got to shaving her head was pretty freaky, but for the top news agencies to slap this on their front pages? Have we become so obssessed with celebrity brats like her who have clearly gone the deep end with their nightly clubbing sprees and reckless behavior?

Spare me.

Enough is enough, please? I know this still needs to be reported, but not on the front page - it can't be that important. At the very least, I'm glad she's trying to get help. Let's just see if rehab will stick this time around.

EDIT - Oh look - she's left rehab already. Somehow I doubt it's due to a miracle recovery, hehe. Again, this hits the CNN Top Stories page.

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Photo linked from Flickr user joaqooo's photostream.

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