Jan 16, 2007

[TV] Extreme Tax Makeovers?

Here's something interesting I found on Digg just today. It turns out that the Llanes Family who recently had their house radically improved through ABC's Extreme Makeover: Home Edition show may lose their home due to the higher property taxes they now have to pay for their renovated house.

It's a bit odd that this is one of the few if not the first time I've ever read about this sort of thing. It does make sense though - if you increase the size and of course the value of your home through one of these shows, you'll eventually need to deal with the increased value of the home as well.

One has to feel bad for them - they're a family of disabled people who won't be able to afford the extra $14,000+ in taxes they are estimated to owe the government and thus they may lose the big house given to them. I guess it's an example of times when the efforts of someone to be "good" can go terribly wrong if not well thought out. Of course the network reinforced that the family was made aware of the possibility of higher taxes and signed waivers of sorts acknowledging this.

Now I no longer wish for this to happen to me no matter how nice the projects they end up creating. I'll just aim for those renovation shows that work within the existing environs, so to speak, like Knock First and Clean House, hehe.

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