Jan 16, 2007

[Apple] iPhone Only for iPhones

Talk about harsh. We all know Apple has always been rather protective of their copyrights if history is any basis but who could have foreseen how zealous their legal team can be.

Last week ModaCo posted a link to a faux iPhone skin that would work on the Windows Mobile operating system and related smart phone systems that would work for Pocket PCs and Palm Treos.

Apple's legal team eventually went after some of the sites hosting the download but in a surprise move also sent a cease and desist order to Paul O'Brian, Founder and Administrative and Technical Contact for MoDaCo. Paul wrote about it on his blog voicing out his complaints about the rather aggressive legal action.

I have to agree - it's one thing to ask a file-hosting service to remove something that violates their copyright but to go after an independent blogger just writing about? Sure, the letter of the law probably allows for Apple to go after Paul in some vague loophole but what about the spirit of the law in this case? Does Apple really want to start alienating the very user base they want to market these rather expensive products to? Do they really want the blogosphere up in arms agains these kinds of nearly-Facist actions?

Watch your step, Apple. The blogosphere is not to be treated so lightly. We buy your products. We increase their popularity through viral marketing and word-of-mouth. Bloggers have ended political careers - there's no logic in underestimating what we're capable of at this point.

So far, the advent of the iPhone seems wrought with trouble ranging from little things like this incident to larger things like the Cisco lawsuit for the iPhone name against Apple. Not exactly the best way to get the ball rolling.

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