Dec 7, 2006

[The Web] CNET Editor Found Dead

Image Source: CNET.comFor the past few days, I've been following the news about the disappearance of CNet editor James Kim and his family in Oregon after getting stranded on their way back from Thanksgiving.

Their disappearance had been noticed by November 28 when they failed to show up for their appointments and were no longer in communication either by email or mobile phone. A massive search was started and CNET followed every minute of it, trying to gather any leads and of course giving internet readers a chance to share their concern for the family along with a website put up by family and friends.

Image Source: CNET.comThings became hopeful when his wife Katiand their daughters Penelope and Sabine were found still inside their car. They had kept the heater on for heat and when the gasoline had run out, they burned the tires to keep themselves warmed. Kati went as far as breastfeeding the girls in order to keep them alive. It was said that they were located mainly because of a limited cell phone signals in the area that were used to determine their general location.

When pieces of his clothing were discovered, searchers found more cause for hope and assume Kim was trying to lead some sort of trail. The family was planning to go as far as air-dropping survival rations along the route they were assuming he was on so he could survive longer.

In the end, all was for naught when his body was discovered today, the exact condition of his remains undisclosed at this time.

Theirs was a staggering ordeal and it's a miracle his wife and two kids survived more than 9 days in the freezing cold with limited supplies to rely on. While it's a terrible loss to his family and to the internet community at large, one has to admire their courage in the face of adversity.

Rest in peace, James Kim.

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