Dec 7, 2006

[Beta] Looking for Bloggers!

Hey Everyone!

While I enjoy what I've accomplished with the Geeky Guide thus far, I really think the site could use other points of view in order to truly become a resource for learning more about "Nearly Everything" when you get down to it.

In line with this, I'm officially inviting like-minded bloggers to contribute to the Geeky Guide! All you need is a Blogger beta account so I can invite you as an Author for the blog.

Of course, there is no limitation when it comes to topics as long as you remain open-minded to all views and of course willing to contribute your valuable time to the development of this site. Currently I'm able to primarily discuss science and technology items, world affairs and politics, some items on entertainment and even health. If you're interested in writing about these and other items, just send in a sample of your work to my email address and we'll talk more about what I'm hoping for in terms of the Guide.

Don't be shy now! I'm sure the Geeky Guide will be more than willing to hear what you have to say!

1 comment:

  1. Just in case you don't get the message, I will just post here.

    Short answer: Yes, that’s me.
    Long Answer: Yes, that’s me. Actually, this is not the first time I post my picture on this blog, I guess. I have a mosaic picture in the About page. Also, I have linked to my Google Picasa Albums for so many times in posts.

    By the way, if you are looking for tech-writers. I would love to join, since I only blog about Google on my blog, I have so many non-Google relate stuff to say. So I think this is a pretty good place where I can express my thoughts on other tech related news as well as tutorials.

    Would like to hear from you. :D