Dec 3, 2006

[Google] Not So Good a Week

This hasn't been one of the best weeks for Google given everything that's happened. Admittedly, I'm focusing on two major events for the week.

First off, after getting past the $500 share value mark, Google's stock came back down to earth after Barron's had projected the stock would go down. At the time of this entry Google stock is valued at 484.80 USD per share.

Google Answers Retired

Also this week, the news came out that Google was retiring Google Answers as was confirmed by an Official Google Blog entry. Answers was one of Google's earliest services that allowed people to place a price on subjects they needed help researching. It'll be a shame to see it go and already people have started petitions to bring the service back like the Save Google Answers initiative.

It's unlikely that it'll work since clearly retiring Answers is more of a business decision that one out of whim.


  1. If only we could swarm answers folks to (Answer for a cause not for peanuts) Mediavolunteer is distributed research for a reason.

  2. It is an interesting idea - it'll just be a bit of a challenge to get the Answer people to move away from the pay-per-answer philosophy.

    i'll keep my fingers crossed.