Dec 3, 2006

[US Politics] The Rumsfeld Memo

In what has become typical for The New York Times, the newspaper has released another landmark story about a memo released by Donald Rumsfeld before he resigned, which revealed he believed the war was not going well and had made several alternative proposals for what could be done.

Image Source: Getty Images through BBC UKThis is somewhat shocking news considering he and the rest of the Bush Administration had been consistently refuting allegations there was a need to change strategies in Iraq. For Rumsfeld, one of the primary architects behind the war in Iraq, to make such statements is another blow to the Bush administration's unified front claiming the war needs to continue on at more or less the same pace.

What does this mean to the rest of us? Probably not too much for the former Secretary of Defense given he's already left the position. This will have some effects on current US foreign policy in Iraq given the new Democratic leadership take their place come January.

It's somewhat ironic that some of the recommendations in Rumsfeld's memo are purported to be very similar to some of the proposals being formed by the current bi-partisan committee looking into the war and what the country's options will be in the future.

Only time can tell, really. January should be rather interesting.

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