Oct 1, 2006

[Yahoo] Mail Code to be Released

Yahoo! Mail logoCNet News.com reports that Yahoo officials announced on Friday that they'll be releasing the code behind Yahoo! Mail, which remains one of the most popular web-based email services today with over 257 million reported subscribers.

GMail logoPersonally, I'm glad for the move. It's not that I'm an avid Yahoo! user or anything - you won't be able to convince me to give up Google's GMail anytime soon. What has me happy is that this is definitely a step in the right direction for other Web 2.0 companies out there. The secret to advancing the level of interaction and dynamism on the internet is definitely going to be through Open Source initiatives and sharing between developers.

The internet is supposed to be all about the users and not about the integrity of the companies who generate content. If you really want to ensure user loyalty, give them the power to become involved in the process, in the development of the services they currently enjoy today.

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