Oct 3, 2006

[Google] SearchMash

Both the Google Operating System and Googlified blogs report that Google has launched a new search tool called SearchMash, an alternative search engine with some interesting quirks.

For the most part, it's a very simple site. What SeachMash has to offer is greater control and customization over your actual search results and not just the look and feel of the webpage you're searching with. While this may not seem like that useful a tool, it is pretty interesting given you get to play around with which results should show first, ultimately giving you to the power to drag and drop your results in rearrange them however you wish.

It also integrates the top three image results with your query right along the side and bunch of other tweaks. For the die hard geek, the site provides a whole lot of amusement. For most people, I'm not sure if they'll really appreciate what the site can be worth to them.

Frankly, I'm just wondering what this means in terms of Google's motives. Is this the beta form of a new version of Google? Perhaps it's the precursor for a new set of tools and possibilities in terms of the highly competitive web search arena?

Just wait and see for now, I guess.

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