Oct 1, 2006

[Google] Fun Finds for Everyone for Google Earth

Mike Yamamoto of CNet News.com is amazingly good at finding interesting pieces of information on the web. For this week, he's found a number of fun things for all you Google Earth users out there.

First up is The Ten Best Things You Can Do With Google Earth. This entry is particularly fun since it's structured like a sort of game you can do when you're really, really bored at home and have a broadband connection. It covers all the basics that everyone attempts like looking for your house and more unusual things like looking for the filming locations of your favorite TV shows and movies.

The other item noted this week is the Top Ten Coolest Things Seen with Google Earth, which is a really entertaining list that includes the Firefox crop circle and a couple of nude sunbathers caught with the Google tool.

The two sites put together sort of gives you a little scavenger hunt of easter eggs you might want to try finding. Who needs TV when real life can be even more entertaining, right?

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