Oct 1, 2006

[US Politics] Dirty Republicans

US Representative FoleyBy now, you must be trapped in a location without power and access to mass media, which is someone I used to be because of the storm that hit the Philippines recently, not to have heard about the latest political scandal to hit the US Republican party. At the time of this entry, Google News has collated at least 1,533 news articles about the Foley E-mails and his subsequent resignation.

Things like this always manage to pop up as the US election season heats up on its way to its inevitable climax. It guess this is most shocking because of course the public is used to Republicans being stereotypically anti-homosexual and to have one of their own practically ousted in so public a manner is definitely a blow against the party.

Being curious myself, I tried a search for [copies of Foley emails] and ended up with these results. Can you fault me for my curiosity? I want to see exactly what all the fuss is about, haha! I managed a quick screen shot here:

Google Web Search Results - copies of Foley emails

The first result - http://tailrank.com/603480/Mark-Foley-s-Emails-To-Former-Teen-Intern - leads us to a Tailrank entry linking to another blog - Pushing Rope. It's one of those rabbit hole results that give you a variety of leads to the article. Tailrank had a link to a PDF file hosted on ABC News, but it was just one email. The Pushing Rope blog had manually re-typed some of the emails in question but of course there had to be more.

The second result - http://www.sfgate.com/cgi-bin/blogs/foreigndesk/detail?blogid=16&entry_id=9346 - is more promising than the first since it refers us to ABC News' The Blotter and to ABC had one of the IM conversations and links to the other emails, which I couldn't get to load at the time of this entry. The Raw Story was more brutal since they posted some of the emails directly into their article along with an image of a MySpace profile associated with the case.

I ended up stopping here - the IM conversation was enough to have even me squirming. It's both shocking and scary that a member of the US Government can get caught in this kind of a scandal, and perhaps moreso that the media has managed to get access to the emails and even the IM conversations related to this case. Talk about Big Brother,eh?

Let's see where all this leads to - we might end up with a Democrat-controlled house once the elections are over.

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