Oct 4, 2006

[Tech News] Now McAfee Has Joined the Fray

Previously, I had written about Symantec's complaints about Microsoft and how they've been handling the information around Vista's security features. Microsoft's current claim is that they're choosing to keep the information secure from third party groups in order to better secure the new operating system.

This week McAfee joined in the calls for Microsoft to disclose the needed code for their own security applications to interface or even replace (hence shut down) Microsoft's security applications what are set to be bundled with the Vista operating system.

Things are definitely going to be messy and I'm fairly certain they'll only escalate as we near the official Vista launch by next year. Current reports are that Microsoft only expects to publish one more version of the OS, Vista RC2, prior to the final launch. It's really not that far off, when you put things into perspective, and this means the computing world is going to go through another ripple of change as everyone scambles to adapt to the new operating environment.

With luck, we the users will be the ones to benefit, but somehow I'm not quite sure if that's really what is primarily in the minds of these big software companies. Only time will tell.

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