Oct 4, 2006

[Google] Real Estate Ventures

This week, news started going around that Google bought the garage they originally started the company in back in the 1998. It seemed a rather novel idea - sort of going back to where it all began. The garage (and the house that more or less comes with such things), was originally owned by Susan Wojcicki who sublet the place to Sergey Brin and Larry Page for $1,700 a month. Now Wojcicki is Google's Vice President for Product Management and it seemed like a nice birthday gift to buy the old place back.

South Coast Today ImageIn other ventures, Google has moved to a larger office space in New York City, which now hosts the largest engineering team for the company outside of their Mountainview, CA headquarters. The new office is said to follow the same design principles behind their home office, often called the Googleplex, which means a lot of ammenities like game rooms and lounges.

I would so love to work at Google! Haha!

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