Oct 4, 2006

[Google] Gadgets for Everyone

By now, users of the Google Personalized Homepage would be familiar with the modules for the homepage that have come to be known as Google Gadgets. After Google opened up Google Gadgets so anyone could create one, there came to be an amazing number of these little tools amassed over at Google.

In time, these same gadgets were made available for other Google services like Google Desktop and Google Page Creator. So now what?

Today they've announced on the Official Google Blog that you can now have Google Gadgets for Your Webpage! Much like how you currently embed videos from the likes of Google Video and YouTube, you can now add your favorite Google Gadgets to any webpage you manage!

Google PonyThere are a variety of items you might want to try depending on your interests such as adding aWikipedia search box, or how about having Pac Man on your webpage? Or you can go for Google's suggestion and get yourself a pony if that;s your thing too! I am so loving this!

This is what Web 2.0 really means - total user interaction leading to new content and tools to be shared universally. Yes, for me Web 2.0 is directly linked to Open Source initiatives.

This is why I love Google.

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