Oct 28, 2006

[Beta] Downtime

Hey blogosphere!

Sorry for the long absence - I've been occupied with a change in my work-related responsibilities and tasks which has definitely increased my occupancy rate. I barely get to update my personal blog these days, what more other blogs I maintain like this one.

I know the Guide is still finding its place on the Web so it hasn't been missed all that much. Then again, for those few readers who have become somewhat loyal or at least consistently interested in what we have to say around here, again my apologies.

I expect the Real World will be keeping me busy for at least another three weeks because of the project that I'm working on so expect updates to be primarily limited to weekends, if any at that.

On a side note, I was thinking of taking the Geeky Guide out of its supposed "beta testing" phase and move it into a sort of gamma testing phase - a programming term that normally refers to a period of continuous improvement. I know, it's just a label that hardly matters to the daily workings of the Guide. Then again, as the content developer, it just helps me to know where the site is in terms of its development.

I still haven't gotten around to building the much-needed FAQ entries about the Guides goals or something to that effect and a whole lot of other things. Oh well, I'm sure we'll think of something in time, right?

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