Oct 18, 2006

[World Affairs] Subway Crash in Rome

The big news item today is all about the tragic subway accident in Rome, Italy just today. Two subway trains crashed at a Roman subway station due to causes that remain unknown at this time. One train was discharging passengers while the other came in at a "sustained speed," as one passenger described the scenario.

At this time, reports are somewhat mixed with the confirmed casualties either at 1 or 2 passengers with an injured count anywhere between 50 and to over 200 passengers. Either way, it was a tragedy.

I tried to get lucky with a Google search for [subway crashes] and ended up with this rather weird page entitled Subway and Tram crashes. Best as I can tell based on the somewhat disorganized page, the last reported subway accident was in Japan in 2001. I have to admit, you don't really hear much about subway accidents these days, which is probably a good thing.

I just hope this doesn't trigger some irrational edict to re-examine the saftey of our own light railway transport system in the Philippines. Our government has this stupidly annoying habit of identifying with international incidents like this one and attempting to forcibly relate things to the situation here at home.

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