Sep 23, 2006

[The Web] Deleting the Barkeep

CNet News - and writing CNet that way is just a personal preference - recently posted pictures of the Intermission Bar at the University of Westminister.

Why would a bar become featured on a tech site like CNet? Simple.

It turns out school's student union is testing out new high-tech tables that allow bar patrons to order their drinks on their own using a touch screen. This eliminates the need to muscle one's way to the bar in order or to try and corral a passing waiter just to get yourself a drink.

What will they think of next?

The tables also allow customers to IM other tables, going as far as providing pre-formed pick up lines. One can order drinks for other tables or forward credit in the same way just from the comfort of your seat. Now that is a novel idea.

I wonder if this will become the start of a new trend in bar design. It's certainly something I'd appreciate...

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