Sep 28, 2006

[Google] Birthday Messages

First of all, let's give Google a big and hearty
Happy Birthday!!!

Google 8th Birthday Logo

This is Google's eighth year and it seems hard to imagine life without them anymore. Just look at the effects of the current outage in the US being experienced by some ComCast users and this gives you the significant importance Google plays in our modern lives.

Interestingly enough, Google released an interesting statement on the Official Google Blog regarding the nature of their business philosophy. As I've also discussed in previous entries, Google focuses on helping users find content relevant to them as opposed to being an independent content provider similar to companies like Yahoo.

Of course the statement is related to their recent troubles in Belgium, but it also comes across as a very strong statement to other competitors in the search field. Google remains dedicated to search and has no immediate plans of moving into the content arena, and personally I don't think they should.

They're already the best at what they do, and their continued developments only work to help ensure they remain on top.

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