Sep 28, 2006

[Firefox] Bon Echo Release Candidate 1

We're certainly in a Release Candidate 1 (RC1) period for a lot of the next generation products coming out. Recently we've seen the release of Microsoft's Windows Vista RC1 (5600) followed briefly by Release 5728, which has been reported to be unstable. Now it's Mozilla's turn to release their own RC1 product.

Just yesterday Mozilla Firefox 2 RC 1 (previously code named Bon Echo) was released for public download. While personally I've yet to test the new version myself, reviews are already popping up left and right such as CNET Reviews First Look at the new Firefox.

The new Firefox has a number of new features such as an enchanced visual interface, built-in phishing protection, improved tabbed browsing, session management, in-line spell checking and many more as documented in the release notes previously linked to. The CNet take on the new product warns that this release is more suited to experienced programmers and developers rather than for your average user. Given the final version of the browser is expected by the end of next month, it might be advisable for most people to wait for the finished product.

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