Sep 27, 2006

[The Web] Overused Tech Clichés

I've come to rely heavily on the CNet News Blogs for alerting me to some of the more unique and interesting things out on the web today. In particular, the Esoterica blog on CNet stands out slightly in this area since it's specifically dedicated to just that purpose. Kudos to Mike Yamamoto!

One of the latest finds are these two blogs that talk about problems with science fiction and technology as portrayed in movies and television. It's somewhat ironic that National Geographic has recently started airing Hollywood Science that also explorese how real plausible some of the technology in Hollywood movies really are.

First up is The Top 10 Worst Portrayals of Technology in Film, which focuses more on what's wrong with some of our more convential films that turn hacking in magic more often than not, hehe.

Second is the two-part discussion of Tired Sci-Fi Tropes That Must Be Retired! This is more sci-fi focused, exploring some of the most commonly recurring themes in popular science fiction today.

As a sci-fi fan, I found these two articles more than entertaining, something that I think even some of those less tech-savvy readers out there might come to appreciate. Don't believe everything you see on tv or on the big screen after all, right?

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