Sep 7, 2006

[Alpha] Time to Go Beta?

I think it's about time to leave the Alpha testing phase of the training and move into the beta environment.

What does this mean for the blog in general? Not much, really.

Technically beta testing refers to the period when you start inviting users to test the program or software in a computer programming environment. The Geeky Guide has been public from the very start although my marketing efforts, so to speak, have not been very aggressive just yet. Expect more referral links through other sites or forms possibly, I dunno, I really need to think about it. I may even create an email address just for the Geeky Guide in the future to possibly collate any feedback in a more direct manner. The possibilities are limitless.

There are still a number of pending items in terms of the development of this site:
  1. A final decision on the scoring system to be used for the site

  2. The associated scoring icons to be used for the site to make it more visual
  3. Better defining how the reviews transition into the geekism portion so it's not so awkward
It's a minor "shopping list" of sorts but for the most part the Guide is pretty functional, wouldn't you agree?

Ah well, the final decision is mine really, so let's make things official:

The Geeky Guide is now entering open beta testing.

Stay tuned for more content and keep the feedback coming!

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