Sep 8, 2006

[Rock Star: Supernova] Goodbye, Stormie

Well, this week's episode of Rock Star: Supernova was a particularly sad one given the band finally voted Storm Large off the show. Her exit was perhaps the most praise-full considering everything the band had to say to her after announcing the decision, which definitely says something about her talents as an individual.

Flickr: KG Photography - Storm Large

Of all the rockers, I feel that Storm is perhaps the only one I'll want to listen to after the show. I'm not ever sure if I'm going to buy a Supernova album anytime soon regardless of whoever wins the show but Storm - most definitely. Let's do a little background checking on [Storm Large] to see what we come up with...

The most relevant result was for Storm Large and the Balls ( , the official website of Storm's original band. When I viewed the site right after the show, most of the links were still disabled in line with the requirements of CBS for the show. At the time of this entry, the site has shut down due to overwhelming responses from the internet population - again showing how much interest she's generated because of the show.

The next two results are just for the Rock Star: Superstar MSN site and the band's MySpace page. Has that become a requirement for most bands these days? It's just interesting to note, really. The next most relevant result, which was rather surprising was for a Flickr page ( that had a rather interesting set of artistic nude shots of Storm - this girl so rocks! What else has she been up to, eh? Check out the entire photoset since she has a number of beautiful shots. Rrarr!

On a whim I tried a [who is Storm Large] search since normally the [who is] command brings back biographical results, primarily from Wikipedia. What was unusual since the results mostly talked about Storm, the X-Men character, and not the rocker. One of those quirks of internet keywords I suppose.

Rock Star: Supernova Logo

That brings us to the remaining rockers left for the finals next week.

For the Geeky Guide, the strongest rockers definitely have to be Toby Rand and Magni Ásgeirsson.

Toby RandToby Rand is fairly strong in the game given the level of his performances in recent weeks. He's more of a crowd-pleaser rather than just being a talented performer and you can see that given he's garnered a total of three encore performances and one special performance with Supernova to date. He's been in the bottom three only once, back in week 8, the same week of his special performance. His songwriting skills are pretty spot on and he's definitely developed a better feel for the "Supernova sound," so to speak.

Magni ÁsgeirssonMagni on the otherhand is a more solid performer from a sheer talent perspective, in my opinion. His vocals have been solid all-throughout and it's clear he has what it takes to make it to the end. He does need to work on his crowd appeal since he's a bit more aloof as compared to the more approachable Toby. Songwriting is passable, but nothing exceptional about it - which could be a band thing at this point in the show. He's had two encores, one special performances and has been in the bottom three twice as well.

I strongly feel that one of these two guys is bound to win the show - which one exactly will depend on their final performances next week and potentially the mood of the band on that day.

Lukas RossiLukas Rossi has always been a bit of an odd choice as the weeks have progressed, although he definitely has a large following in terms of his somewhat glam-rock demeanor and style of singing. I've never really been a big fan of that much make-up on anyone, and he's been a bit of a lackluster performer as the weeks have gone by. He's had one encore, one special performance and has been in the bottom three once as well - a fairly even field. I don't think he'll be a serious contender for the top spot given his inconsistent vocals and the difference in his sound versus what appears to be the direction of Supernova as a band.

Dilana RobichauxDilana Robichaux used to be my favorite performer until it was revealed how far her songwriting skills are (she was once described as being "too literal") and of course her run-in with dramatics in recent weeks. She became a bit too emotional given all that has "happened to her" on the show. The events have affected her way too much, in my opinion, especially given her song choices since then, culminating yesterday with the Cheap Trick song I Want You to want Me. How blunt can you get, right?

What is certain, given these four contenders, is that the finals are definitely going to be an amazing show for sure. If you haven't been following the show until this week, then you definitely cannot miss the final episodes on Tuesday and Wednesday next week to see who will become the new lead singer for Supernova. Depending on your timezone and your cable provider, schedules will vary.

Rock on folks!

Other Google'd Links:
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  3. Rise Electric - MySpace site of Lukas Rossi's current band
  4. Dilana's official website
  5. Wikipedia - Rock Star: Supernova - the Wikipedia article on the show with detailed summaries per episode

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