Sep 6, 2006

[Alpha] Random Geeky Content

Apart from the geeky-toned reviews of common things, I'm wanting to spend some time here on the Geeky Guide for minor articles on random topics that I come across of the geeky nature. I suppose it's unavoidable - they're just fun to talk about, really. In line with the on-going Alpha Testing, allow me to put up a quick entry about another thing I found on the web...

[Web] Star Wars Spot the Differences

One of my favorite sites that I'm sure a lot of you tech-heads are bound to read as well is CNet, one of the best sources for all the latest technical news, reviews, tips and tricks that I've found on the web so far.

I've enabled the CNet News module for my Google Personalized Home page in order to receive steady updates from the site and was surprised to come across this post:

151 'Empire Strikes Back' changes

It talks about the current DVD release of the Star Wars trilogy and in particular the second film ever-released (although fifth in the entire series), The Empire Strikes Back given has announced that the original unaltered 1980 version of the film will be part of the Special Edition CD as a bonus disk.

What's the point? Yeah, I'm sure that's a question running through a lot of your heads right now, and admitedly this kind of offering would require that you register pretty high on the Geek-o-Rama scale, so to speak. The fun part about being able to compare the original version with the revamped Special Edition release is that you can actually compare and contrast the two versions to see just how much was changed. As the CNet article documents, there are at least 151 differences presented by the Star wars team. A lot of them were minor (and yes, I did go through all 151 frames, haha) but were pretty interesting especially the extensive work done for the Cloud City scenes.

In terms of websites, this is a definite must-click for all you major geeks out there! Sure, you might not actually buy the DVD given you already own at least 2 copies of the film to date, so why not take advantage of what the creators have put online for free?

You can directly view the article following the link below:

Star Wars - Episode V: What Has Changed?


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