Dec 21, 2017

[Star Wars] Spacedock Tackles Ships From The Last Jedi

Another YouTube channel that I enjoy following is Spacedock, a channel that focuses on the various space-faring vessels and vehicles from various science fiction franchises. His discussions range from more technical discussions of specific creations to analyses of various fictional battles.

In the months leading up to Star Wars: The Last Jedi and right after its  debut, the channel has tackled various vehicles from the movie in what detail they could manage based on information available. And I expect for there to be more videos to come as more information is revealed.

So here's a run-through of some of the videos focused on The Last Jedi that may be of interest.

Star Wars The Last Jedi: Warships of the Resistance

Star Wars: Snoke and Leia's New Flagships. - Spacedock Captain's Log

Star Wars: New First Order Dreadnought and Walker Revealed - Spacedock Captain's Log

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