Sep 7, 2017

[Videos] Let's Talk About LEGO

Most of us grew up with some degree of exposure to Lego bricks and the brand is a hallmark of what a toy company can achieve in the world. And while I know LEGO should be written as Lego, I still tend to say LEGO because that's the kid in me remembering their logo plastered on every box and every brick.

26 Facts about Lego Bricks - mental_floss List Show Ep. 517

When Mental Floss decided to run a quick video about 26 Facts about Lego Bricks, it also reminded me of other videos that also talked about a lot of Lego trivia.


101 Facts About Lego

107 LEGO Videogame Facts YOU Should Know | The Leaderboard

107 Lego Movie Facts YOU Should Know - (ToonedUp #120) @ChannelFred

107 LEGO Batman Movie Facts - LEGO Week! (Tooned Up #235) | ChannelFrederator

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