Sep 19, 2017

[Videos] Just Write on Game of Thrones

I recently started following YouTube channels like The Nerdwriter (Patreon link) and Just Write (Patreon link) to get more ideas for my own writing (should I ever find the nerve to truly pick up the pen again) and there's a lot of good stuff there. They've helped fill the gap in my entertainment analysis diet while waiting for videos from Every Frame a Painting (Patreon link).

What was a bit more striking was how his initial video on what we can learn from the writing of Game of Thrones was eventually balanced with a criticism of the writing in the latest season. And that's quite a wide shift in looking at a body of work, which is really the joy of criticism of this nature.

So here are the two videos - he raises some good points in both videos.

What Writers Should Learn From Game of Thrones

Game of Thrones; Or The Pain Of Falling Out Of Love With A Story

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