Jul 6, 2017

[Videos] Despicable Me and Minions Trivia

Good grief, there's a third Despicable Me movie. After the diversion with the Minions spinoff, we have another one of these movies and I guess this franchise is here to stay. It was kinda funny the first time around but I have mixed feelings about the first solo venture for the Minions so now we're back to Gru and the team.

ChannelFrederator has a lot of 107 facts videos that touch on the franchise and they've finally released a full one for the core Despicable Me series and here we are. And man, there's oddly a lot of work that went into these movies - far more than I had expected.

107 Despicable Me Facts You Should Know! - Cartoon Facts! (107 Facts S6 E22)

107 Minions Facts YOU Should Know! (ToonedUp #32) @ChannelFred

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