Jul 13, 2017

[Videos] Adventure Time Trivia

With the end of Adventure Time looming on the horizon, these 107 fact videos created by ChannelFrederator are starting to feel more and more valuable as the though of new content is going away. Man the show is really going to end and I think I'm starting to feel something akin to something like separation anxiety or something.

But for now here's a ton of trivia for all the episodes that have aired so far.

107 Adventure Time Facts Everyone Should Know! (ToonedUp #15)

107 MORE Adventure Time Facts - (ToonedUp #102) @ChannelFred

107 Jake the Dog Facts YOU Should Know - Adventure Time Facts! (107 Facts S6 E16)

107 Finn the Human Facts YOU Should Know! - Adventure Time Facts! (107 Facts S6 E25)

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