Mar 28, 2017

[Movies] First Justice League Trailer

After going through the rather silly process of releasing individual teaser trailers in anticipation of the release of the full trailer on Saturday, the first full trailer for the Justice League movie hit the internet. Given my general dislike for Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, I haven't been playing too much attention to the developments around this movie.

On the whole, we're finally seeing the members of the new Justice League fight off some parademons, as pretty much promised by the visions of the future that Batman had in the prior movie. Batman still seems a little heavy on the weapons while Aquaman is pretty much Khal Drogo with fish scales. Wonder Woman is divine while Superman remains distinctly absent. I know he's supposed to be dead, but does anyone really believe that Superman won't be a part of this Justice League movie somehow? The Flash is looking a little awkward while Cyborg may become this movie's Green Lantern horror given all the CGI involved.

DC seems determined to present this as a fun movie given the now standard practice of cueing the action in the trailer to the old school selected to accompany the clips. But we'll see what the final movie is like - it's still a Zack Snyder movie after all.

JUSTICE LEAGUE - Official Trailer 1

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