Feb 28, 2017

[Videos] How NOT to Spot Fake News (Idea Channel)

Fake news is a thing - or at least the media likes to make it a thing. And many major political figures have started to hurl accusations of fake news to discredit criticism and other contrary views. To be fair, there are many cases of legitimately fakes news that aim to misinform and shift opinions in favor of a particular view.

So there's a lot of talk about it and I admit I was waiting for PBS Idea Channel to tackle the subject somehow. And of course they did not take the easy path of basic identification and instead put together a video to help one refine one's criteria for fake news. There's contrary views and there's fake news and it's a disservice to the truth to confuse the two. So yeah, this is a great video.

How NOT To Spot Fake News

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