Nov 15, 2016

[Movies] Ghost in the Shell Trailer #1

So the first trailer for the Ghost in the Shell movie adaptation hit over the weekend and it's...very interesting. Let's sidestep the usual complaints about whitewashing as (1) we've already had that conversation and (2) clearly the studio is not going to change its mind about their casting choices at this point. It's a valid issue, but this is not the venue for it.

Instead, let's all just take a moment to take it as it is, try to appreciate what they're trying to accomplish, then go from there. There are a lot of things that look pretty good. There are other bits (like the scoring) that make me feel more than a little disappointed.

But this is only the first trailer, so it's way too early to make any decisions about this movie.

Ghost in the Shell | Trailer #1 | Paramount Pictures International

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