Oct 11, 2016

[TV] Sigourney Weaver in The Defenders

This past weekend was New York Comic-Con and naturally we got a lot of interesting news about different geek franchises. But one of the bigger bits of news (even how much bigger Charlie Cox's body is getting) is the first full trailer for Iron First. Not quite mind-blowing but it still shows promise.

Marvel's Iron Fist | NYCC Teaser Trailer [HD] | Netflix

But beyond that and fun Defenders cast photos clearly meant to appeal to the fans. But then the Netflix-Marvel team had an even bigger surprise:

Marvel's The Defenders | NYCC Surprise | Netflix

Yes, SIGOURNEY WEAVER has joined the cast of The Defenders! All the news outlets report that she is expected to be the villain of the show, but it's not easy figuring out who exactly she's meant to represent And given how the Defenders comic included a very diverse rotating cast, it's hard to determine who the big villain might be. Although with Dr. Strange (a traditional Defenders mainstay) off in the movie world, it seems safe to assume that we won't be facing any of his villains. Maybe.

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