May 5, 2016

[Videos] Everything Wrong with Star Wars: The Force Awakens (via CinemaSins)

I'm a big CinemaSins fan not because I think movies are stupid or prone to mistakes but more because I recognize that even the best movies aren't perfect and we should be able to laugh at ourselves in this manner. But I know they get a lot of flak whenever they tackle popular movies with passionate fan bases, but it just shows that they don't get the humor and that's okay. You can't please everyone after all.

So this episode finally tackles Star Wars: The Force Awakens and is notable not because of the number of sins that they found but more because of how many sins they gave back. Seriously, I feel like this was one of the most generous episodes yet - can anyone remember another movie where they scratched off more sins than in this one?

Let me know what you think in the comments.

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