May 31, 2016

[Videos] 107 Facts About Robot Chicken

Okay, I admit that I can't help but reshare all these Channel Frederator videos featuring 107 facts about this or that cartoon. They seem to be a roll in terms of tapping show that I already love whether old or new and thus it becomes easy to want to share these things with you. Such shares are my little opportunities to expose you to elements of pop culture that I've come to appreciate or even love.

Robot Chicken is crazy funny but admittedly it can seem like the sort of show that has writers looking to more exotic substance in order to find inspiration for sketches. But given how the show in itself is a pop culture celebration, there will always be a sketch or two that you can relate to for good measure.

But after watching this video, I have to admit I was a little sad for all the toys that had to be sacrificed in the name of production. I kind of figured that it was happening but it was another story to confirm it to be true.

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