Apr 14, 2016

[TV] Equifacks, Experianne, and TramsOnion

Last Week Tonight has been doing a great job of shining a spotlight on relevant issues that don't always get enough media attention. They also run unusual campaigns to drive certain points home #JeffWeCan targeting the tobacco industry and Make Donald Drumpf Again against Donald Trump.

In his latest report targeting unfair practices by American credit unions Equifax, Experian, and TransUnion, he has commissioned the creation of three parody sites meant to disrupt the online reputation of the unions. Since they're generally right about their reports 95% of the time anyway, it might as well be okay to have them mistakened for these horrible, horrible companies about 5% of the time as well.

So this is my modest effort to help boost the signal for these fake pages. So here's my support for Equifacks, Experianne, and TramsOnion.

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