Dec 6, 2015

[Technicolor Musings] What Makes A Bear a Bear?

The LGBT world is full of many silly labels, just like the straight one. And whether or not you agree with such labels, they're still quite in use and help people further define their identity with people of a similar nature/

One of the trickier labels has been the BEAR, which makes more sense in more Caucasian countries but not so much in Asian countries like the Philippines. The concept that first comes to mind is someone rather burly with lots of body and/or facial hair. But such hair is not quite as prevalent in Asian countries and I feel like the definition has shifted.

In local discussions, one can't help but bump into cases where chubby hairless guys identify as bears. You have someone who's slightly overweight who just happened to develop a bit of a mustache that gets called a bear by other people. When does a fat person stop being fat and starts being considered a bear? Is a pencil mustache enough facial hair to qualify? How about a goatee? Does all this apply when the amount of body hair that you have barely rivals that of a pre-teen white American male?

So that's today's silly question - how do you define what a bear is? Are you a bear? Do you identify as bear? Do other people call you a bear? WHY?

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