Dec 7, 2015

[Geeky Guide] Minor Site Update

So a quick update for all of you who still read this blog.

Some time back I implemented a content schedule to better organize the blog. It was a fun experiment that required me to maintain a certain degree of discipline in terms of both consuming content and writing about them.

But changes in my actual job have led to new challenges in terms of keeping this blog alive. Let's face it, when you write for a living, you can only write so much in your leisure time.

This December I'm moving away from the content schedule and will go back to more ad hoc blog posting. At minimum I hope to have updates three times a week but I will still endeavor to have updates on the usual 6 times a week schedule or thereabouts. We'll see what can be maintained without driving myself crazy at work and at home.

Fingers crossed people!

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