Dec 14, 2015

[Cartoons] Bee and Puppycat

Since I'm no longer strictly following my old content schedule, I decided to use today to take a moment and talk about Bee and Puppycat. What the heck is this? Well it's an animated series created by Natasha Allegri, who is probably better known as a character designer and storyboard artist for Adventure Time. She's the genius who came up with the concept for Fionna and Cake.

The show exists online over on Cartoon Hangover and spans a 2-part pilot and 4 episodes for the season (thus far). The show centers around Bee who one day meets the strange creature Puppycat who is either one of those animals. The two go on zany adventures based on "temp jobs" that Puppycat takes on in an effort to help both of them to earn a living - or at least have enough money to buy the next meal.

We're all still waiting for news of a continuation of the series, although there is at least an on-going comic book series that one can also explore in the meantime. This show isn't Adventure Time nor is it Steven Universe, but it does share a lot of the same fun elements in terms of action, interesting characters and clever humor. It's definitely sillier and maybe a little more random but it's also unique, hilarious and quite amazing. I've re-watched the limited episodes of the show quite a number of times now as I continue to hope that they put up more material already.

So check out the series via this playlist! Support the comic book! We need more Bee and Puppycat!

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