Aug 30, 2015

[Technicolor Musings] Thanks For Being Awesome, O Bar!

So I celebrated my birthday at O Bar last Friday night and it was AMAZING. Where else would I be dragged up on stage to lip-sync Kylie Minogue's Especially For You together with Tobie and l get dragged up for the Katy Perry Birthday performance? Complete with well-wishes from the drag queens, the poi dancers and pretty most all the ledge dancers and staff at the bar?

But hey, I know this is also because of years of patronage and thousands upon thousands of photos I've taken to help them promote their performances and also document the many amazing, creative, wonderful numbers they've staged over the years. The love you send out to the universe will always come back to you.

So thank you so much O Bar for making my birthday feel extra special and just being awesome every weekend. My O Bar friends will always feel like family to me and I don't think that will ever change.

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