May 17, 2015

[Pink Scene] Goodbye, BED Manila

So earlier in the month, the surprise announcement hit social media that BED Manila was closing its doors after 12 years of partying. And while I haven't been to BED since it moved to its Greenfield District location, the news still made me feel a little sad. I have more than my fair share of histoy at BED's original Malate location and it's always sad when a gay institution like this closes shop. The LGBT community here is always in need of safe spaces to be themselves and pretty much have fun when needed.

So by the time this post finally publishes, BED would have completed it's Last Dance closing event and those red doors are going to stay closed for now. I wasn't able to squeeze in a last visit to the bar before all this, but I suppose that's just as well given how I've already buried my history there.

It's okay to feel sad about BED closing. It's definitely a sad turn of events. But also make sure to focus on the good times and celebrate all the good times on that dance floor. BED raised a lot of us queer people and I'm sure that we all learned things there in one way or another.

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