Sep 7, 2014

[Pink Scene] Metro Manila Pride 2014 Teaser

So the image above has started to make the social media rounds, which we can consider to be our first teaser for this year's LGBT Pride festivities. Interestingly enough, this was posted by a new page - Metro Manila Pride, which is different from last year's Metro Manila Pride March page. The dropping of the "march" seems pretty distinct and implies that our organizers want to do more than just put up a parade on December 6. But being familiar with how this annual event comes together, it seems clear that they're still trying to select a venue.

To be fair, the Metro Manila LGBT Pride March for 2012 actually featured a modest little bazaar featuring LGBT and LGBT-friendly businesses and was sort of the first steps towards getting out of the "just" a march model. Or you could go all the way back to when the Pride March was around the same time as the White Parties in June and thus they all felt like one integrated event.

Given how last year the LGBT Pride related announcements were a bit dizzying since it was on at QC, cancelled at QC and then revived at Malate. Hopefully things will run a lot smoother this year - whether or not the Pride organizers feel that they're ready to work with Quezon City again.

For now, stay tuned for more social media updates as they come along.

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