Nov 24, 2013

[Pink Scene] Quezon City World Pride Festival Cancelled

I have to admit, I had considered this to be a possibility but I still wasn't quite expecting it. This week the Quezon City Pride Council announced that they're cancelling the Quezon City World Pride Festival 2013 in order to reallocate the funds for the benefit of the victims of Typhoon Yolanda. Of the different events announced to be part of the festival, it seems that at least the InQCity Independent Pride Film Festival will still push through as another fundraiser for the same cause.

With TFP having announced the cancellation of the Metro Manila Pride Celebrations a few weeks ago, this is looking like the first year without any kind of LGBT Pride celebration (perhaps save for the various White Parties and Pride Parties back in June). More importantly, it may be the first year without an LGBT Pride March. And that is truly saddening. As much as I feel for those affected by the typhoon, the march and what it represents in terms of our overall fight for LGBT rights is still an important (and distinctly separate) issue.

There are talks going around of trying to push through with the March somehow outside of Quezon City, but it seems prudent to wait for an actual official announcement about that before reacting. I'd still want to march, most definitely. Let's see what happens over the course of the next two weeks.

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