Dec 16, 2012

[Technicolor Musings] Another Pride March As The Fight Goes On

Last December 8 was the 2012 Metro Manila LGBT Pride March - Sari-Sali: Pride in Action. Tobie and I marched together with the PG4M contingent along with quite a number of other organizations representing various LGBT groups, allies to the LGBT community and a number of companies and LGUs as well. It was quite the memorable event, although naturally I still wished that more people had attended.

Regardless of the opportunities that the march experienced this year, it still remains a key event in the pink calendar and an important reminder to the local community that we're still here and we're still demanding equal rights. Demonstrations like this go a long way towards the overall fight for the LGBT cause in the country and to some extent the world at large.

So for today I'll leave you with this question - How much do you truly value the cause of LGBT rights?

Whether or not you attended the march this year or in years prior or whether or not you vote for LGBT-friendly government officials and party-list groups, have you ever really thought about how much this matters to you. Do you think things are okay as they are? Do you think that the members of the LGBT community do not need access to civil marriage rights and other frequently discussed legal rights concerns? Are you okay with how things are for LGBTs in the Philippines or do you think we need change?

And just what are you prepared to do to help make that change happen?
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