Nov 25, 2012

[Pink Scene] Help the 2012 Manila Pride March Happen!

The Metro Manila Pride March is a labor of love when you get down to it. It's put up by volunteers who do their best to keep the LGBT Pride spirit alive and expect nothing in return.

And thus every year, putting up the Pride March is always a worthwhile challenge - and Task Force Pride needs your help! There's a lot of expenses that go into paying for all the permits and renting the necessary equipment to make the Pride March successful.

This year if 1,000 people donated P150 each, you'd be helping us make sure we have lights and a sound system and generator for the program; food for the people who will be performing for free; rent for band equipment for the band members; tokens for our speakers, etc.

Show your support for the LGBT community and our continued fight for equal rights and better representation in government. Any donation that you can contribute will go a long way towards making this year's Pride March a success!

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