Sep 23, 2012

[Technicolor Musings] More Annoyances of Online Dating

The online LGBT dating scene is certainly a quirky place. And while I don't expect every social interaction to be a meaningful or worthwhile one, there are certainly habits that just annoy me to no end, and I'm sure you've encountered those as well.

And while I'm not exactly the type to jump into bed with the next guy who invites me out, I'd like to think that I'm not alone in the need for a bit more than an immediate invite before risking a meeting of that nature.

So here's a quick run-down of a few things that make me want to block the guy almost immediately.

Hi / Hey / Zup - There are far too many people who don't know how to start a conversation and just try saying hello and not much else. This is even more infuriating when the guy doesn't have a profile photo or whose profile information is sparse or even completely blank. What kind of a start is that? At the very least use some brain cells and find something to talk about. My profile has my interests. Or maybe something in my default photo has you curious. Lets get past the delaying tactics and just get straight to talking!

Must Have Facepic - There are a lot of guys who profiles indicate that they won't talk to someone who doesn't send them a picture of their face first. And while that sounds generally reasonable, it is rather ironic when the guy himself only shows his chest or some other headless version of himself. And to add insult to injury, these guys tend to indicate that having a face picture is "common courtesy" or something. Why don't you go first mister paragon of manners and decency?

Sex Now or Right Now - I can respect those folks who like the whole "no strings attached" angle to things. That's part of the adult gay life and you're free to sleep with whoever you want. However I think it's only fair to get to know a wee bit more about the person before you decide to get into bed with one another. And you know the types - you've only just said hi and already they're asking if you want to meet up for sex. Often times you've only seen their default profile photo and you don't even know the guy's name! How can you risk getting into bed with someone you know so little about? At least figure out if he's a top, right?

Come Hither - There are those lazy folks who are proud of the fact that they have an apartment to themselves and thus always try to invite people over for "a fun time" or something. What's annoying is when they live terribly far away and they constantly pester you to make the journey to go see them. And it's not like you know them well enough to do so nor do have a clear idea of what they truly look like! All they do is broadcast that they have a location and constantly invite folks over. That's not hot - that's just lazy!

The Friendship / Relationship Only People - There is nothing wrong about being serious about wanting to find a friend first or just hoping to establish a new relationship. But it's ironic when their default profile photos are just chest pics or other "sexy" pics of that nature. Or worse, these are the ones who immediately ask you if you are top or bottom or whether or not you have a place to meet up. Let's not beat around the bush gentlemen! Just be direct and say what you want! And if you don't really want friends, then be man enough to admit that you're just slutting around for now.

There are a lot of other stuff that probably annoy you too that I didn't capture here. So why don't you share? What are some of the quirky things that you've encountered on LGBT dating sites or on location-based apps? Post your experiences in the comments!
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