Jul 29, 2012

[Technicolor Musings] On Being Single

So I'm single. Finally single and not "single again". And when I say "finally", I don't imply a sigh of relief or anything like that. My current status felt like a necessary decision - not one that's overly charged with emotion nor one due to too much hurt or regret.

I say this since for the past 10 years, I've almost always been in a relationship. In fact, I seem to have practically "made sure" that I'm involved in a relationship throughout this period since I jumped from one to the other. I say this with no regrets for my choices and actions. I say this with a degree of sadness but not necessarily depression.

There are things that I am bound to learn in this period - even if it means learning nothing new, which becomes the lesson in itself. So this may change the tone of future Technicolor Musings posts during this period. And naturally, I don't know how long this may last.

I have a lot of thinking to do - some of which I'm bound to document on my personal blog as I try to figure things out. But if you have insights to share, I'm all ears of course.

Other than that, I'm generally okay. For those who have already reached out whether directly or via social media, I appreciate the support.