May 27, 2012

[Videos] How to Dance in the Club

Given how much time Tobie, Prince and I spend at O Bar Ortigas, it's only natural that we encounter a wide variety of bar patrons. And at any club like O Bar, we also encounter different folks on the dance floor and their respective ways of dancing.

And this is probably these two videos resonate so much with us and our friends and it's my pleasure to re-share them with all of you! Seriously, they're totally worth the time to watch - spot how many dance steps you've witnessed at the bar (or perhaps have danced yourselves, hehe)

See what I mean?

Beyond how brilliantly funny the videos are, they're also local in origin. Apparently they're from a guy who calls himself Jem Mark and you can catch his other videos on YouTube, like his Facebook fan page or follow him on Twitter.

And yes, I also realize that watching these videos will inevitably lead to you re-evaluating your dance moves at places like O Bar moving forward. But that's part of the fun!


  1. Everyone should try stuff at least once - like going to the bar!

  2. Ewan ko ba. Going to the bar is something alien to me. Once pa lang ako nakapunta sa bar hehehe. Dun sa Toyz Bar :)

  3. It will only remain alien until you make the time to try out new things.